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About Us:

America’s Preferred Home Warranty is a proud Christian-based company founded in 1999 on biblical principles. Our mission is to treat each homeowner with respect, dignity and with empathy during the claims process. We work everyday with the thought of always doing the right thing when protecting our homeowner’s best interests, and to operate our daily business under Godly principles. We follow “The Golden Rule”, to do onto others as we would have done onto ourselves. With this mission in mind, it is our hope to help protect homeowners nationwide as we are continuously expanding our operations of business throughout the United States.

America’s Preferred Home Warranty is a Revolution in the home warranty industry by allowing homeowners the “FREEDOM TO CHOOSE” the contractor of their choice when needing to make costly repairs or replacements to their most valued possession. Since 1999 we have been offering this level of autonomy to homeowners while delivering service second to none.

It’s simple. Once the homeowner calls our customer care toll-free number they are guided through our friendly claims process and asked to call any local licensed contractor of their choice. The contractor works for the homeowner not the warranty company, making the claims process simple and fast.

Many of our competitors have a “network of contractors” that the homeowner typically must use, while receiving contractor grade replacements as substitutes for your original equipment. The results are often subpar service using subpar equipment leaving the homeowner at a disadvantage throughout the claims/repair process.

Why do so many Real Estate Professionals trust America’s Preferred Home Warranty for their clients?

Complimentary Seller’s Coverage for the entire duration of the listing period. This is a benefit for homeowners wishing to list their home with an agent utilizing America’s Preferred Home Warranty to help protect their clients most valued possession.
No Limitation for Buyer’s Coverage of Appliances. This insures your home buyers from having costly out-of-pocket expenses for a year after closing.
Foreclosure and Repossessed Home Warranty Coverage. Many home buyers would love to purchase a foreclosure but are uncertain of hidden costs of repairs once they’ve made their final decision to purchase a foreclosure. Our coverage begins thirty days after closing for those homeowners wanting peace of mind and knowing America’s Preferred Home Warranty is committed to making their decision to buy a foreclosure even more appealing.
Legal Protection. Our Legal Protection Program is included in the price of our warranty, which is designed especially for Brokers and Realtors. Under the Legal Protection Plan we pay 75% of your E & O deductible or up to $3,750, regardless of who your E & O carrier is. If you don’t have E & O insurance, we pay 75% of attorney fees, up to $3,750, in case of legal action. This covers Brokers and Realtors, should you experience a lawsuit. Only the homes that have purchased America’s Preferred Home Warranty or a fully waived warranty have the advantage of this extra coverage for the Brokers and Realtors.